December 2011 BIER Meeting

December 14, 2011

December is full of holiday parties, so we had a “BIER Dinner” at the Sports Page. They have great bar food, so we enjoyed our annual dinner. The menu was limited, due to loss of several refrigerators, to the fall flood.  The pizzas were very good, so we feasted on them. 

Present were:

Jason Fletcher ….... Ed Miner …........ Don Petcosky ….. Dick Tuthill …... Dave Whitman

Jim Dabek …......... Dave King (2) ….. Dave Semo ……. Chris Given …... Roger Haggett  

Corrine O'Leary .... Chris Cyr ............. James Dunn …..... Rich Andel …… Adam Hawley

We discussed:

Our BYO magazine deal worked well this year, again, and we got a total of 13, 3 over the minimum.  We again had to combine with the Ithaca club, but that’s cool.   

NHC is getting closer, June 16th, in Seattle, WA.  Joan and Dave King (2) will be there, along with some folks from the Rochester club, UNYHA.      

Dave Whitman visited Nail Creek in Utica, a pub and brewery, with 12 taps and good food.

Homebrew Samples

Tim – Lager ===> 100% Maris Otter, very light, good start for us.  Corrine brought it, Tim was out of town.

Don Petcosky – Nugget Nectar Clone ===> Great hoppy ale, recipe from BYO.   Simcoe nose is super.

9 lbs. Pils                   Single step infusion 152° F.

0.5 lbs.  Dark Munich

0.5 lbs. Vienna

0.5 lbs. Crystal 60


1.5 oz. Nugget 13%               90 min.

0.5 oz. Columbus 15%         20 min.

0.75 oz. Palisade 8.25%      10 min.

1 oz. Nugget & 1 oz. Simco   1 min. 

White Labs WLP 001  Starter

Following are all dry hop additions one week.

1/4 oz. Columbus

1 oz. Nugget

1 oz. Simcoe                        Thanks for the recipe, Don.

Chris Given Hoppy Wheat ===> That’s what a wheat beer should be, pour on the flavor and aroma hops.  

Chris Given Rye Pale Ale ===> Was an IPA, but 15 mo. old, not very bitter, shows how age decreases IBU. 

Chris Given Founder’s Red’s Rye Pale Ale ===> For comparison to his, above.  6.6% ABV, 70 IBU, Amarillo nose.  Good target to aim for.  

Jim Dabek – Summer Ale ===> Nice light ale, with Cascades

James – English Ale ===> Bass can’t measure up, in malt or hop flavors.

Davis – Oaked Pale Ale ===> 3 weeks of oak, 5 oz. in each of primary and secondary, produced a very good oak level.

Jason – Oatmeal Stout ===> Nice full bodied version.  Here’s the 10 gallon batch recipe.  Thanks, Jason.

20 lbs. Canadian 2 row barley 

1 lbs.  Rolled Oats

2 lbs.  Chocolate Malt

1 lbs.  Roasted Barley

0.5 lbs. Vienna


2 oz. Kent Golding pellets, 60 min.


White Labs Irish Ale Yeast, WL004, starter

O.G. = 1.054, F.G. = 1.016

Kegged and force carbonated in 3 weeks

Ed – BIER Barrel Aged Porter ===> A blend of all our efforts, and a nice light oak flavor.

Rich – Stout ===> Black IPA, but a bit light on bitterness or hop aroma.

Rich – Pliny The Elder Clone ===> Super bitter and aromatic double IPA, very similar to Vinnie’s original.

Don – Double IPA ===> Silver medal winner at this year’s Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, 2 mo. old now, holding up well.

Dave King (2) – JBA ===> This fall’s Judy’s Brown Ale, low bitterness this time, Judy likes it that way.  Dave’s the family Hop Head, not Judy.   

The Commercial Samples

Chris Cyr – Winter Warmer ===> From Sweat Water Tavern, in Church Falls, VA (sorry, Chris, I couldn’t find it on the web).

Ed – Headwaters Pale Ale ===> From Victory, Scott says it’s their biggest seller, no surprise; it’s got a great hop nose.

Dave Whitman – Double D IPA ===> Otto’s in State College, PA did this one, well dried out, hard to do with a double IPA.

Don’t whine, make some!

Roger Haggett – 2010 Syrah ===> Great dry red, wish I could make it.  It’s very robust, like the dark color suggests.   

Great ending to a great year

We said good bye to 2011. Hoppy New Year. See you next meeting, January 11th, back to our normal 7:30 meeting time at The Sports Page.

       Dave King (2)