April 2012 BIER Minutes


23 of us, a huge meeting. 

Roger Haggett     Ed Miner                     Dave King (1)             John Hayes                  Mark xxxx          James Dunn    

Jim Parks Adam Hawley             Michael Weisel            Seth Weisel                 Corrine O’Leary          Tim O’Leary   

Matt Farrell          Jim xxxx                      Mike Swetz                 Kristen Lyons             Jason Gardner           Chris Hritcko                   

Jeff Poltz Dave King (2)             Rich Andel                  Rich's Sherry             Jason Fletcher

Our special guests were Michael and Seth Weisel, the father and son team from Galaxy Brewing in Binghamton, opening by early fall.   Seth is currently the Head Brewer at Rooster Fish in Watkins Glen, and is certainly an accomplished brewer.  They will have an indirectly fired 7 barrel system.  Their 5 growlers of Rooster Fish ales were a welcome addition to our meeting’s tastings.  

Festival planning needs to get under way soon.  The AHA National Conference is in June, and sold out in 2 days, shutting your President, and many others, out.  Luckily, John Palmer found out that Brad Smith, of BeerSmith, had an extra ticket, and needed some help with his booth.  So I’m going!  If you're thinking of buying brewing software, please consider BeerSmith.  You can get a free 21 day trial period, download it at http://www.beersmith.com .  BTW, if you're going, brew a clone of Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, and you can do a comparison with their Head Brewer, Jeremy Marshall. 

UNYHA is having a camp-out in June, there’s a FaceBook page.  There’ll be a Syracuse fest, probably in July, along with Omegang’s Belgian Fest.  Madison Co. Hop Fest is Sept. 15th, and Rochester will probably also be in Sept.  Ithaca Beer Co. is not organizing an Ithaca Fest this year, due to their huge expansion project.  Check the link for details.

It's hop sprouting time, and mine are coming up.  I’ve thinned them out some, many of us are growing hops, so it'll be interesting to see how we do.  The warm March helped, but April dry weather slowed them up.  

We took delivery of our Spring bulk malt buy.  North Country filled our partial bag requests, rounding them up to the next nearest 5 lb increment, even though, they had said they wouldn’t ship partial bag weights.  In the mean time, I was in Buffalo, so I stopped at Niagara Tradition, and picked up those small amounts.  So this means I got a lot of extra malt that I don’t need.  When they let us know what we owe, I’ll advertise the extra. 

Beer Tasting Time (Rooster Fish 1st) 

Seth – Amber Ale, like an English bitter, nice easy going light malt flavor with a good hop flavor and low bitterness.

Seth – Belgian Tripel, light in color, but heavy in HOOCH. 

Seth – Hop Warrior, an Imperial IPA, and a very good one, 8.7% ABV, 120 IBU, with a fine hop nose, and not sweet like so many of this style. 

Seth – Nut Brown, great chocolate flavor from Faucet chocolate malt. 

Seth – Raven Black IPA, roasty, not much hop aroma or bitterness.  

Beer Tasting Time (ours 2nd) 

Kristen – Vanilla Cream Ale, 2 oz. of real vanilla in a nice cream ale base, really strong vanilla flavor and aroma.  

Adam – Garbage Pale Ale, but just because it was made from left over malts, don’t worry, it’s a good Pale Ale.

Adam – IPA, a fine interpretation of the style.

James – Munich Helles, a nice malty German lager. 

Rich – Rye IPA, great hop nose, rye flavor and firm bitterness.    

Jim Parks – Rye IPA, another fine example                                                           

Dave King (2) – Chocolate Imperial Stout, 1 lb. of coco powder for 6 gallons.  Good level of chocolate flavor, but will fade with time. 

Rich – Mai Bock, wonderful malt flavor, slightly on the sweet side.

Tim – Amber, nice smooth finish for our tasting session.  

The weather is getting warm, maybe too warm to brew much longer (indoors), so get busy.  May's meeting is on the 9th, see you then.  I'll have my Cherry Vanilla Stout, as well as the base Stout.  We may be doing a bulk ball type soda keg buy, and I'll have some inexpensive malt to sell.

                  Dave King (2)