August 2012 BIER Meeting

August 15, 2012

Present were 18 of us:

Dave King (2)             Rich Andel      Jason Fletcher             Don Bush                    Ed Miner         Kristen Lyons

Adam Hawley             Jim Parks         Frank Haining             Paul Sarkisian  Tom & Audra Tucker

Dave Semo                  Jared Clifton   James Dunn                 Dave King (1)             Davis Brigman            Jason Gardner

We discussed:

We met at the Water Street Brewing Co., great beer before and after our meeting, but the sound level was a bit high, making discussions difficult.  There are plans to add some sound deadening.  We need to go back to the Sports Page until then.

We talked about upcoming festivals.  Many conflicts have come up for the Sept. 15th Madison County Hop Fest; both Syracuse and the Binghamton Brew at the Zoo.  The following Friday, Sept. 21st is the Flour City Fest in Rochester. 

We discussed our bulk hop order from Ted Hausotter.  It'll soon be time for a bulk malt order from North Country or maybe somewhere else.   

 The beers:

Our Homebrews

AdamWheat, 1 oz. dry hops, really made it. 

Paul – Belgian Triple, 9.5%, sneaky, mild, dark in color, easy drinking.

JamesAmerican Amber, with Amarillo 1st wort & Simcoe at 20 min. left, very nice.

Ed – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone, firm bitterness, nice head retention, good X-stal malt flavor, well done Ed.

DavisPale Ale, with steeped grains, nice malt flavor. 

Dave King (2)Chocolate Imperial Stout, chocolate is still plenty heavy, maybe a bit much.

RichHopacondriac, heavy Citra nose and flavor, with a sweet finish, probably due to lots of HOOCH and hops.

JasonIPA, Chinook to bitter, Cascade later, nice light summer IPA.

KristenBlack IPA, roasty, good bitterness level, hops and roast work well together. 

Another good time, see you next time, back at the Sports Page, September 12th, 7:30 pm.  I’m sure we'll have some fresh brew. 

Pellet Packs is advertising small sealable hop bags, rather pricy, but may be convenient.

Let's get some brews into the fermenter. 

                         -  Dave King (2)