January 2012 BIER Minutes

Jan. 11, 2012


A new year, more good brew.  We had a good turnout and enjoyed some good discussions and tastings.  Somehow, it was Stout night, maybe it’s the cold weather. 


Attending were: 

Tim O’Leary                           Brian Murphy              Rich Andel         Jim Parks       Mike Sweats           Adam Hawley   Roger Haggett    
Dave King (2)                         James Dunn                 Jason Fletcher    Jeff Poltz        Don Petcosky         Chris Given       Dick Tuthill      Chris Hritcko


We had a couple new members drop by, Mike Sweats and Chris Hritcko.  We discussed a couple upcoming events.  The Homebrew Alley Competition will be held at the Brooklyn Brewery on January the 29th, an e-mail was sent with the details.  Registration for this year’s National Homebrew Conference in Seattle will open Feb. 1st, don’t wait too long, it’ll certainly sell out, and this has to be a great one, since Seattle is such a wonderful beer town.  We had a short discussion on how to store malt, basically un-milled, cool and dry, is best.


James Dunn told us about his home made Heat Stick, made from a water heater element, plumbing drain parts, and JB Weld epoxy. 



Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 


Roger treated us to a short lesson in wine age.  He brought 2 examples of his dry red Meritage from a few years ago, and the year before.  The older was a bit more intense, but both were very good.  Thanks, Roger.


On to the beer (Homebrews first).      

·         Rich – English Ales, split batch, a Gerry’s Pale Ale clone, O.G. = 1.040, oops, 1.058, but it worked fine.  One with London Ale yeast, and the other with Ringwood.  Both very nice English Pale Ales.

·         Tim – One Legged Lager, with 2 lb of Honey Malt.  

·         Adam – Pumpkin Lager, lighter than the ale version (last month), but with an excellent spice profile.  3 big cans of pumpkin make it genuine.   

·         Don – Small Beer, a light, O.G. = 1.034, 2nd runnings beer after his award winning IPA.  Don added some crystal malt after the IPA lauter, made an excellent Parti-gyle.

·         Dave King (2) – Rye IPA, this second attempt, O.G. = 1.074, had 3.5 lb. of malted rye, 0.5 lb. more than the 1st, and 92 IBU, was improved.  Dry hop nose is fading only a week after pulling the hops out.      

·         Chris Given – Brown Porter, basically the Jamil Zainasheff extract recipe from his Dec. BYO article on this style.  Excellent malt flavor, good hop rate.   Thanks, Chris.   I have the recipe in pdf form, if anyone is interested.

·         Chris Given – Hoppy Wheat Porter, a partial mash, home-spun experiment.  Very tasty, Chris.

·         Rich – American Stout, good roasty, stout, not too heavy, good balance of bitterness and malty sweetness, with Calif. Ale yeast.

·         Jim ParkesSweet Stout, good light sweetness level, from May 2010, aging well.  

·         Jason Fletcher – Stout, low carbonation, medium sweetness and body, fermented on the yeast cake from his Oatmeal Stout, next, below.

·         Jason Fletcher – Oatmeal Stout, roasty, nice smooth mouth feel.

·         Adam – Chocolate Stout, bottle conditioned, with cocoa powder, 6 mo. old, firm roast nose, with sweet chocolate flavor.

·         Chris Given – Too Rye Stout, big rye flavor, but not too much. 

Now the Commercial Brews      

·         Jeff – Belgian Delirium Tremens Strong, light spice, herbal nose and flavor.  Cool bottle and label. 

·         Jim – German Schwartz Bier

·         Jim – Southern Tier, IPA, ah yes, an old favorite, great example of the American IPA style, Eastern version.  Available at the Mall, at Ruby Tuesdays.

·         Jim – Firestone, Union Jack, and this is a classic example of a West coast version of the American IPA style. 

·         Brian – Firestone Double Jack, a fine double IPA, not syrupy sweet and heavy like so many of these can be.

Great company, great discussions, interesting brews.  See you next month, February 8th.

            Dave King