July 2012 BIER Meeting

July 11, 2012

17 distinguished attendees;

Chris Given                 Dave Semo                  Dick Tuthill                 Jason Fletcher                         Roger Haggett            Chris Cyr

Ed Miner                     Dave King (2)             Davis Brigman            Tom & Audra Tucker Jim Dabek                        Adam Hawley

Rich Andel                  Jim Parks                     Jeff Poltz                     Tim O’Leary               (photo by Chris Cyr, thanks!)

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July's Beer Talk

We took a collection for the needed additional $10 for our club banner, which went to Jason, and also got $25 for Tim, to handle the web site annual fee.  There was even a good tip for Lou's staff.  BTW, Karen was doing her last shift, since she landed an IT job, good for her. 

Dave King (2) summarized the AHA National Convention in Seattle in June.  It was the homebrew event of the year.  Great beer, 2nd round Judging, Pro-Night, Club-Night, the Banquet, hanging out with all the rock stars of home brewing, it was all great.  Working for BeerSmith was a different angle on it.  Philly is the location for next year, so many of us should be able to attend. 

Rich told us about his trip to the San Francisco area, 21st Amendment, the Toronado, Russian River, and Lagunitas.  Kronic, renamed Censored, has an interesting history.  

Syracuse's June Fest was cancelled, and there's info all over the web about a July event, but Owen McLaughlin, President of SCBC, says it's August 22nd, I'll confirm and send info when I can.  That's followed by the Madison Co. Hop Fest on September 15th.  Volunteers are needed for the latter.   

Flour City Brewfest in Rochester is September 21st.  More details should be available soon. 

Three NY State legislative bills are awaiting sign off by Governor Cuomo, and when he does, we're planning to have a televised news release with Donna Lupardo, at or in the Water St. Brewery.

Speaking of Water St., we plan to meet there for our August meeting.  

We got to the beers:

Adam – Skeeter Pee, 10% ABV, that lemon HOOCH,

Ed – Pale Ale, Bass clone, much more flavor than that old long traveled British ale.  

Davis – Pale Ale, with Cascade, Simcoe & Amarillo hops, 1st all-grain, medium bitterness, great 1st effort.   

Dave Semo – Wheat, with ginger, German yeast, sweet, with medium CO2. 

Jim Dabek – Wheat, Surley Cynic, Belgian, Northern Brewer Pro Series, clone kit. Very high CO2, like champagne.   

Jim Parks – Pale Ale, with Juniper berries at 20 min. of boil remaining.

Jason – Octoberfest, kegged today, BYO recipe, all-grain lager. Low attenuation, sweet, malty, med. brown.

Jim Parks – Pale Ale & Amber Ale, kits combined, with Water Street stout yeast, banana & cloves flavors, probably due to stressed yeast.    

Jim Parks – Rye Pale Ale, again with Water Street stout yeast, subtle rye character.  

Jim Parks – Judy’s Brown Ale Clone, a bit sweeter, but nice tasty American Brown Ale.

Dave King – Judy’s Brown Ale, same old recipe, Judy likes it, so it stays. 

Adam – Rye Pale Ale, great hop nose and flavor

RichIndia Pale Ale, sweet, Adam’s recipe, WLP-001 yeast, Warrior for bittering, Centennial, Simcoe, & Citra hops for great nose and flavor.   

Chris Cyr – Habanero Ale, 1 pepper per bottle, too hot for most, 8 years old, needs a huge dilution for your President. 

Commercial Examples;

DickChimay Grand Reserve, malty, light herbal character,

Chris Given – Ommegang Aphrodite, great tart, cherry flavor.  This limited edition Brett sour ale is “interesting.” 

Jim Parks – Kölsch, by Gaffel, sessionable, fine light malt German classic,

Tim – Goose Island 312, Urban Wheat, not much wheat character, lots of crystal malt flavor, light Cascade hop flavor.   

Davis – Highland Oatmeal Porter, light version of a Porter.

Jeff – Scotch Ale, 100 shilling, by G. C. Starkey, 8.4% ABV, heavily malt, brewed on the West side of Seneca Lake, near Glenora winery.   

Roger – Back In Black, Cascadian Dark Ale (AKA Black IPA) from 21st Amendment in San Francisco, canned, easy to take for the summer, and a fine example.

Dave Semo – Full Nelson Pale Ale, Virginia version of an American classic.  

Good meeting, Karen’s last night at the Sports Page, as she heads off to her new job in the world of IT.  We wish her well, and appreciate her attention to us for years. 

Water St. for our next meeting, 15th of August.