June 2012 BIER Minutes

6/13/2012 we had a good sized group, 16 of us, lots of talk and great beer.  Welcome to summer. 

Jason Fletcher       James Dunn     Rich Andel     Chris Given    Roger Haggett       Matt Farrell                 Davis Brigman          Dave Semo

Dick Tuthill        Paul Sarkisian    Jim Parks        Jeff Poltz        Dave King (2)         Adam Hawley             Kristen Lyons Jason Gardner

Stan sold Cooperstown Brewing to Butternuts, which means he’s retired, good for him.  I sent them a note, and they claim Cooperstown brands will remain unaffected. 

We discussed the Syracuse Fest, but later, we found out that it was cancelled, due to low ticket sales, probably because of high ticket prices and last year’s messed up fest.   The organizers were to be different, and were claiming to straighten it up, too bad it fell through.

The June 23rd UNYHA camp-out apparently went well, and photos hit Facebook afterward, more of us need to go next year, if it’s repeated.  NHC is June 21st to 24th, and your President will be there, photos and details later. 

Madison Co. is set for Sept. 15th.  Flour City is scheduled for Sept. 21st, one week later. 

Jason got our huge BIER banner, awesome for $50.  We took a collection, and got $40, so we need to ask again.  Rich is handling a bulk keg buy. 

Future bulk malt buys would be good with someone other than North Country, since we got so fouled up with the billing.  Northern Brewer will give us a 5% discount, and charge $200 to ship a pallet, but their base prices are plenty high.  More Beer requires at least 40 bags, and will give us a 10% discount, but charges $1435 to ship to the East Coast, not good at all.  L. D. Carlson won’t do bulk buys with anyone but retail sellers, so we’re not eligible.   

Jolly Farmer is a store in Waverly PA, which is said to have an excellent and extensive selection of beers.  If you’re headed West on Rt. 17, check it out, and let us know.   

James Dunn finished in 2nd place with his Maibock at the NY State Homebrew Contest, great accomplishment! 

Eric and Zach are opening North Brewery in the old Elk’s Bakery shop on Washington Ave. in Endicott.  Due to their off-shift day jobs, they can’t get to our meetings.  They have a 3 vessel 55 gallon Blichmann setup in process, with the brew stand and fermenters to be delivered very soon.  

John and Michele are doing well at Water St. Brewing, with their 3rd fermenter in place, they have 4 or 5 beers on at all times, and recently started growler sales. 

On to the beer!

Homebrew Tastings;

James – Honey Brown, not very sweet, good balance, much better than the commercial version we all know.  

Paul – Belgian Quad, 9.2% dried out well, 1.084 to 1.015, on a Belgian Ale yeast cake.  

Chris – Brown Porter, nice brown malt flavor, Jamil’s recipe from BYO.

Ed – Oak Barrel Aged Robust Porter, our experiment from last fall, slightly sweet, good oak (whiskey) level.

Dave Semo – Negra Modelo clone, light, about 2 years old.  This Mexican beer is from German roots, supposedly a Vienna Lager, but the brewery calls it a Munich dunkel.    

Dave Semo – Pale Ale, grassy, mint flavor from the hops (?)

Davis – Belgian IPA, with Calypso & Tettnanger hops, Safbrew T- 58 yeast, built up from a smaller beer.  Nice light herbal flavor and aroma.

Dave King – Summit Rye IPA, single hopped with whole Summit hops from Ted Hausotter, in Oregon.  Sweetness in the finish from heavy dry hopping, with flavor and aroma of onions, garlic, orange, and catty notes.  Not all these flavors are apparent for everyone, it seems that very different hop flavors are found by individuals, Summit is a very mysterious hop.      

Jason – Dogfish Head Pale Ale Clone, with Warrior for bittering, as well as Glacier, and Simcoe.  Big starter with O2 dried it out nicely.   

Rich – Stone Ruination IPA Clone, nice malt & hop nose.    

Adam – Stone IPA Clone, good firm bitterness in the finish, his 1st all-grain, with Magnum, Centennial, etc.  Well done, for sure.

Paul – Dark IPA, Arrogant Bastard like, with chocolate malt & Special B.  Dry, with a slight clove flavor.

Commercial Tastings;

Jeff – Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, This single hopped IPA showcases the flavor and aroma of Simcoe hops. 

Rich – Red Seal Ale, from North Coast Brewing, a nice hoppy Amber Ale.

Kristen – Rare Vos, Amber ale from Ommegang, with lots of Belgian spice flavor, Kristen’s favorite.    

Chris – Cinder Bock, smoky bock from Sam Adams.  

Jeff – Shipwrecked Double IPA, heavy, sweet, intense hoping, typical double IPA. 

Dave Semo – Davidson Brother’s IPA, British style IPA, malty, not very bitter, but to style.  

Davis – Black Mocha Stout, from Highland Brewing Co., nice chocolate flavor.              


Roger –   2010 Sarah, very good, dry red wine, probably near peak.  Roger says that when the sweetness is going, the wine is getting too old.      

Great beer (& wine), lots of fine friends.  Thanks to Lou for allowing us to meet at the Sports Page.         

See you July, 11th.     

              Dave King (2)