May 2012 BIER Minutes

5/9/2012 we had a big group, 19 of us, lots of brewing talk and great beer.  Read on. 

Jason Fletcher       Ed Miner          James Dunn      Rich Andel     Chris Given     Dave Semo         Chris Hritcko             

Roger Hagget        John Hayes       Dick Tuthill      Jim Parks         Jeff Poltz        Dave King (2)   

Adam Hawley        Dave King (1)      Dave Witman   Matt & Becky Farrell               Brian Murphy

Summer Fests are coming up soon.  The NHC, Syracuse (6/22), Rochester, and Madison Co. (9/15)  Then there’s the GABF. 

Jason offered to get us a club banner, so we voted to go for the $50 size, which we should get by the June meeting.  The bill for our North Country Malt order is still out, but we should get it soon.  On to the beer!

Homebrew Tastings;

James – Skeeter Pee, sweet, lemon flavored.  The recipe is on the web site, see the link here.  It can be dry to sweet. 

Brian – Cider, Semi-sweet, good apple flavor, well done. 

Rich - American Wheat, considerable hop nose, nice light hoppy ale.

James – Vienna Lager, made with Vienna, Munich and Pilsner malts.  Very nice malt flavor.                                     

Dave Semo – Czech Pilsner, nice bitter finish on this classic lager.

Adam – Raspberry Wheat, great strong raspberry flavor.  This extract beer was well made, clean, tart, not sweet, it dried out well.  2 lb. of frozen raspberries were put in the secondary. 

Jason – Barley Wine, this 2010 gem is slightly sour, interesting complexity.  Drink it up soon, or age it?  

Jim Parks -  Sweet Chocolate Stout, good rich chocolate flavor, great match with the roasted malts.  ½ lb. of coco powder in the boil of a 10 or 15 gal. batch.

Dave King (2) – Chocolate Stout, base for the following stout.  The chocolate flavor is a happy accident from the crystal and chocolate malts.

Dave King (2) – Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Stout, the stout above, was used for the base, with 2 qt. of cherry juice in the secondary, and 4 oz. of artificial vanilla extract at kegging.  It’s not too sweet, the cherry juice sweetness fermented out, leaving just a nice tart flavor.  The vanilla is light.  Interesting mix.   

Chris Given – Hoppy Wheat, easy drinking brew for us hop heads.

Chris Given – Black IPA, BYO recipe, Greg Noonan clone.  Great blend of hop bitterness and roasted malt, hard to do well.

Dave Semo – Pale Ale, some sweetness, good crystal malt flavor with a moderately bitter finish. 

Jim Parks – American Brown Ale, similar to Judy’s Brown Ale recipe, but with his available malt, close, but different, and a very good brown ale.

Rich – Stone Ruination IPA clone, good, but on the sweet side.       

Adam – IPA, with Simcoe & Amarillo hops, US-05 yeast.  Really worked, great flavor and nose.  

Commercial Tastings;

Matt – Stone Smoked Porter, sweet, with a smoky finish, a fine dark jewel.

Matt – Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, intense, coffee flavor and 9.2% ABV.

Chris – Yard’s Spruce Ale, based on Franklin’s original recipe, interesting.

Ed – Southern Tier IPA, a great example of an American IPA, light in malt, firmly bitter, full of American hops, 1st brewed in 1992. 

Ed – Hop Wallop 2010, last year’s great double IPA from Victory Brewing Co.  Scott Dietrich keeps it coming, so thanks, Scott!

Dave Witman – Terrapin So Fresh and Green Green, another fine fresh hopped ale, from Georgia.

Dave Witman - Old Elephant Foot IPA, a well crafted IPA from Tampa Bay Brewing.  Your President had lunch there about a year ago, good beer, nice place to stop at in central Florida, along with Cigar City.  Florida's beer scene is coming around.

Roger - Primitiva, dry red Italian wine, some fruity character, enjoyable, thanks Roger.


Great beer (& wine), lots of members.  Thanks to Lou for allowing us to meet at the Sports Page.  

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Tim and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous.  See you June, 13th.     

              Dave King (2)