September 2012 BIER Meeting

September 12, 2012

Present were:

Paul Sarkisian              Rich Andel                  Chris Given     James Dunn     Jason Fletcher             Jim Parks            

Dennis Lovelock         Jared Clifton               Jim Dabek       Dave Semo      Brian Murphy              Jeff Poltz  

Chris Hritcko              Dave King (2)             Tim O’Leary   Dick Tuthill     Don Petcosky             Matt Farrell

News & Discussion:

We're ready for the Madison Co. Hop Festival, this Saturday.  We got a banner and a box of "Introduction to Homebrewing" magazines from National AHA.  There should be 4 or 5 Homebrewers giving out samples and advise.  Rochester's Flour City Fest will be the following Friday night. 

Rich brought a couple stainless steel carbonation caps from Rebel Brewing, $20/ea., and they not only look beautiful, but they should be very durable.

Hop diseases were discussed.  Mildew and blight sound like they hit some of us.  Don showed us his NY State Fair Gold Medal, wow. 

Our beers: 

Dennis Gose, a sour ale from Leipzig, Germany.  It's light, tart, and refreshing.  But, you still have to like sours.    

Dennis Brett Ale, ½ wheat, 100% fermented with White Labs "C" Brett culture, 8 mo. old.  

Jim Dabek Blackberry Wheat, extract, nice dry, blackberry flavor.                     

Chris GivenCanal Bock, the beer he brewed for the Chenango County Historical Society, 4% ABV, fermented with Saflager S23 lager yeast at 66°F, nice easy drinking beer for the fans.

Don APA, American Pale Ale, 145°F raised to 155°F for last 10 min. of mash, oops, ½ of intended boiling hops, but bitter enough, great nose and flavor from Citra, Centennial and Columbus.     

image004.jpgRichIPA, Blind Pig Cone, 6.5% ABV, big Simcoe & Citra aroma. 

Jim Parks  Amber, light, sweet malty flavor, 1 yr old, and aging well.

Dave Semo IPA, brewed in May, 1 oz. whole Cascade dry hop recently.

Dave King (2) – Summit IPA, orange, tangerine, but dank, Summit is a strange hop, needs blended with C hops.

DennisIthaca 13th Anniversary Ale Clone, with Orange and lemon zest, 3rd try, 25% wheat, 7.5% ABV, US-05 yeast, nice citrusy, hoppy, wheat ale.       

Jared – IPA, mostly Columbus hops, 1.075 after a 2 hr. boil, dark for an IPA, very tasty.   

Chris – Rye Stout, nice dry stout.

Rich Stout, medium sweet, good coffee flavor 

Jim Parks Cheap Ass IPA, 2nd runnings, with added LME & sugar, came out nice, a real bonus from the brew day.

Commercial beers: 

Jeff Shipyard Smashed Blueberry Scotch/Porter, great berry nose, sweet, coffee and chocolate with Blueberry flavor, would be great on ice cream.

???? Amish Pale Ale, with rye, oats, wheat and barley, lightly noble hopped, easy drinking beer.

Jim 8 Bit Pale Ale, with Galaxy hops, nice fruity aroma & flavor.

Chris Hritcko Old Brewery Pale Ale, a mild classic English Pale Ale.  Good, but bland compared to the US interpretation.

Brian Tumbler, from Sierra Nevada, easy drinking brown ale, some smoke, but also cooked meat flavors.  Maybe tuna?

Jared Cortland Sunrise Coffee Stout, just like the name.

A good sized meeting, plenty of great brews.  See you next month, October 10th.     

     Dave King (2)