November 2013 BIER Meeting

Nov. 13, 2013 

17 Attendees;   

Chris Given                 Jason Fletcher Bernie & Donna Kordula        Bob Ciesla                  

Marty Mattrazzo         Dave & Joan King      Rich Andel      Fil Fata            John Tomazin             

Roger Haggett            Chris Cyr                     Jeff Poltz         Jim Dabek       James Dunn                

Domenic Fata             


We met at Brothers 2, which has become our regular meeting place, great room, a good selection of fine Craft Beer, and good food.  Thanks, Domenic & Fil. 

JamesDunnMetalsKBOB.jpgJames Dunn drove and took Jim Dabek, Dave King (2) and Frank Haining to the Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews at the Albany Pump Station last Saturday, and had a very good time, as usual.  James and Frank Judged, while Jim and Dave Stewarded.  Frank’s write up is more detailed.  James Dunn took home a Gold for his Vienna Lager and 2 Silver Medals for his American Brown and Southern English Brown, a great accomplishment.  Also, Davidson Brothers invited him up to help brew his Southern English Brown Ale.  That should be an exciting day.  We want samples of the finished beer!    

Craft NY Beer Fest will be in Syracuse at the Landmark Theatre on Nov. 16.  Theresa Hollister sent us a press release on the Finger Lakes Beer Trail Winter Passport Program.  Jan. 18th through Feb.  9th.  For $15 plus tax, you get up to $150 worth of discounts at 29 locations, including nearly all the Craft Breweries in Central NY.  We are planning a bus trip loop on Jan. 18th.

We discussed bulk malt buying.  Things have changed in a year.  North Country has a 20 bag minimum, and we would have to go through Brewcraft USA and a Homebrew Shop, plus only full bag malted grain is available. Marty is operational, but can only get us up to 150 lb. of 6 row per month, due to the poor NY State barley crop, and the need for Farmhouse Breweries to use 20% in-state ingredients.  At $1.10/lb. he’s a great resource for local Homebrewers.  Please contact him directly with your needs. Zach at North Brewing and Doc’s have offered some reduction on bag prices.

Jeff attended for the 1st time in many months.  His battle with Cancer has been a huge test, and he’s doing great, in his 2nd Chemo cycle, having clearly passed 2 bone marrow biopsies.  He hopes to be back at work in January.  We couldn’t be happier!

BTW, Jeff, Chris Cyr, James Dunn, and Jim Parks helped Roger bottle 36 cases of wine. 

The Homebrewed Beers; (Served by Jason Fletcher, our Cellar Master)

Marty – Hefeweizen, 50% 6 row pale malt and 50% malted wheat, Willamette hops and Lallemand Hefe yeast fermented at 62°F.  Nice light yeast ester profile, mostly banana.   

Bernie – Brown Pumpkin Ale, nice spicy aroma, a Brown Ale kit, with real oven roasted pumpkin and spices added with a tea, into the primary and secondary fermenters.  2.5 weeks in the bottle.  Very well done, good spice level, and actual toasted pumpkin flavor.  Donna likes it, and so do we.      

Chris Given – Amberville Amber Ale, similar to Northern Brewer Waldo Lake Amber, from Denny Conn, plus Carapils, Carastan and oats. Big  flavors, a hoppy and malty Amber, 1.052 to 1013 with US-05 yeast.  See the recipe link for details.

Chris Given – Carmel Porter, full range of malt colors used, for good, smooth malt & roast flavors, with US-05 yeast.  Lots of hop flavor and a dry med. bitter finish.  Again, check the recipe link for details.

Bob – Coconut Nut Brown Ale,  Northern Brewer Nut Brown kit, with Coconut Rum added at bottling.  Reportedly has mellowed, but still seems boozy.  Nice combination, very flavorful. 

Chris Given – Red IPA, designed to be similar to Founder’s All Day IPA, session IPA with Hallertau, Simcoe & Amarillo hops, and a bit more malty. 

Jim Dabek Black IPA, kit from Northern Brewer, a very tasty beer, lots of roast, good bitterness level for an IPA, but many would argue that the roast should be way less for a Black IPA.  Well done, Jim, the roast issue is NB’s decision.

Dave King (2)Summer IPA, a bit too bitter, due to it being dry extract with some cane sugar, and a calculated 111 IBU, dry hopped with  the equivalent of 2 oz. of Columbus pellets for the last 3 days, with lots of haze. 

The Commercial Beers;

Rich – Smutty Nose IPA, a good fresh example from a Sam the Beer Man keg.  Certainly a well known, excellent American IPA. 

Chris Cyr –Quadzilla

 , Belgian cherry flavored quad from Church Brew Works.   10% ABV, and you have to like cherry.  


Roger – Nebbiolo, Italian dry red, juice from Calif.  Another great wine from our Chief Wine Maker.  

Roger – Chardonnay, 2005, a fine dry white.  Aged well.  Whites are not known to age well for so long.

Fun night, many great brews.  Next month is our Christmas Dinner, Dec 11th.  6:30 should be a good time to meet.  If you haven’t attended one of these, this will be a good year to start.  Brothers 2 has a great full menu, and fine Craft Beers, big improvements to our once a year tradition. 

     Dave King (2)