April 2014 BIER Minutes


17 of us.             

Nick Martinson    Dick Tuthill                 Marty Mattrazzo          Dave Russell    

Chris Cyr Dave Glanville            Ryan Pavlick               Roger Haggett           

Donna Kordula    Bernie Kordula           Bob Ciesla                    Dave King (2)             

Joan King             Rich Andel                  Jason Fletcher             Chris Given                 Dan Homa        

4 new members this month, Nick, Ryan, Dave Glanville, and Dave Russell.   Welcome aboard guys.

Lots of news this month.  Facebook is growing in popularity for our BIER info., really easy to add info for all of us to see.  Please consider signing up, if you haven’t, and post Craft and Homebrew Beer info. for us to see.

The AHA National Conference in Grand Rapids, June 12 – 14, still has some openings.  The list of 55 Seminars is on-line.  Don’t miss this great event.  Tasty McDole, Colin Kaminski, Stan Hieronymus, Dave Houseman, Mitch Steele, Ray Daniels, John Palmer, Michael Tonsmeire, Denny Conn, Drew Beechum, Nathan Smith, Tom Schmidlin, Ken Schramm, Brad Smith, Gordon Strong, Chris Frey, Randy Mosher, and James Spencer are among the speakers.  If you want to fly, and serve your beer at Club Night, let me know, I can take your kegs, since we’re driving out. 

The Flour City Brewers Fest is back, Aug. 22 in Rochester.  Don’t miss this one.  I suggest volunteering for it, but attending will be a blast, lots of great beer, food, and music.

Bulk malt is available from Marty at Farmhouse Malting, he has 2-Row and 6-Row Pilsner and Pale Malts at $1.10/lb.  For other malts in bulk, Ithaca’s IPA club periodically does bulk buys from North Country. 

Dave King demo’d the great new Beer Box, from Brewing Tools, a good alternative or compliment to kegging your brew.  They fit nicely into an unaltered refrigerator, make taking your brew to parties very easy, and they’re an economical approach.  2 will handle a 5 gallon batch.    

Utopia, a new Fox reality TV series, is looking for Homebrewers to join their cast.  Interested?  This could be your chance to become famous. 

We discussed club officer needs, and dues.  If you’d like to take a bigger part in our club, let Dave know.    

Beer Tasting Time (ours 1st) 

Dave Glanville – Hefeweizen, with all German malts, White Labs yeast, and Beersmith.  Nice flavors, including a good banana aroma.  Dave only recently moved to all-grain.  Well crafted.     

Dave King – Lion’s Pride Rye Ale, a hoppy Rye Ale crafted in Florida, with Etienne Bourgeois, President of Treasure Coast Brewmasters.  We split the 10 gallon batch, 1 keg/each.  About 1/3 each of 2 row, wheat, and rye malts, with Chinook, Columbus, and Cascade hops.  Sessionable at 5.2% ABV.  Peppery, dry, with a bitter finish, and moderate hop aroma. 

Bernie – ESB, Brewer’s Best kit, with steeping malts, light, easy drinking.       

Marty – Shortcut Sour – Sour Rye Saison, made with a sour mash at 110 – 120°F.  Both ale yeast and Brett were added, nice tasty, lightly sour, refreshing example of what’s to come at The Farmhouse Brewery.    

Nick – Amber Ale, Lots of hops, including some Simcoe, Nick’s 1st all-grain, 1.045 to 1.011, nice and clean, well done, you’ve arrived, Nick. 

Dave Russell – American Pale Ale, a Brewer’s Best kit, his 1st batch.  Very well done, clean, tasty, you got it right, Dave.                                                                                                    

Marty – Belgian Dubble, with honey cooked down, to make the dark candy sugar, keeping it local.  Rich, malty, with some spice from the yeast.  Very tasty.          

Rich – Black IPA, 99 IBU and tons of hop aroma in this black beauty.  Brewer’s Gold and Simcoe hops were used.  The light roast flavor works well with all those hops.

Dan – Mead, Orange blossom honey with cinnamon and nutmeg make this young semi-sweet mead very flavorful. Started in Jan, it’ll be interesting to see how it ages.  Great 1st effort, Dan.  Bring us more!

Bob – Imperial Stout, sweet, Bourbon flavors and 9.6% ABV.  Sneaky, very flavorful.      

Commercial Brew 

Chris – Flemish Brown, imported by Ommegang, sour, not very oaky.


Roger – Chianti 2011, well crafted nice dry Italian red.  Bottled with the help of club members.  Thanks Roger!

The weather is getting warm, maybe getting too warm to brew much longer (indoors), so get busy. 

May's meeting is on the 14th, see you at Brothers 2, 7:30.  Please bring labels and recipes for your beer.      

                  Dave King (2)