August 2014 BIER Meeting

August 13, 2014

Present were 15 of us:

Jason Fletcher             Bob Ciesla                   Dave Russell               Chris Given

Kristen Lyons             Jim Parks                     Rich Andel                  Roger Haggett

Josh Sember                Chris Hritcko James Burnett James Dunn    

Donna Kordula           Bernie Kordula           Isaac Yochelson         


Meeting minutes from Rich Andel, thanks, Rich! – Dave King (2)

We discussed:

Kristen Lyons from Binghamton Brewery discussed the opening and finishing of their tap room and asked about people interested in volunteering for their grand opening.


Some technical discussions and a good array of sampling and snacks (Bob, Bernie and Donna) as always thanks everyone!


Jim Dunn will  bring in his TDS meter and discuss its application to brewing at the September meeting.


Our Homebrews

Josh Sember - Midnight Beatdown Porter, Belgian, 1.068-1.018 partial extract S05 (good)

James Burnett - Czech Pilsner, 1st beer brewed (kit) fermented around 70 deg (which is a bit high for a lager)

Jim Parks - Hefe Rye, (tasted better with aging for sure)

Jim Parks - First mead, 14.7% apples and honey mix with 9.5# honey in 5 gal, pressed in October bottled in July, nice!

Jim Parks - Robust Porter, 8%, good

Rich Andel - Robust Porter, with a shot of whiskey 10%+

Kristen Lyons - Coffee Stout, Binghamton Brewery, cold pressed coffee, 4.8%, rich coffee taste and sessionable

Dave Russell - Hefe Wheat, Cascade hops, , Wyeast 3333, German wheat yeast, extract but non-kit, very good


Commercial Examples

Jim Dunn - The North's Brown Ale

Bob - Yuengling Bock

Chris HrictkoHobgoblin, dark ale from Wychwood Brewery Company Ltd in Witney, Oxon, United Kingdom

Chris Hrictko - Mokah Stout, from Southern Tier, mocha, 10% ABV, sweet with lots of vanilla



Roger HaggettMeritage Red – Very good blend of red wines, dry and very smooth

Another good time, see you next time, thanks for taking notes, Rich.  

Let's get some brews into the fermenter. 

                         -  Dave King (2)