January 2014 BIER Minutes

Jan. 8, 2011


A new year, more good brew.  We had a good turnout, 17 of us on a cold night at Brothers 2, and we enjoyed some good discussions and tastings.   


Attending were: 

Rich Andel                  Jim Parks                     Adam Hawley             Roger Haggett            Marty Mattrazzo        John Tomazin             Donna & Bernie Kordula       
Dave & Joan King      Jason Fletcher             Jeff Poltz                     Chris Given                 Dick Tuthill              Nick Fletcher              Mike Desantis                         Dan Homa


We discussed a couple upcoming events.  Registration for this year’s National Homebrew Conference in Grand Rapids, MI June 12 to 14, will open in Feb., with a lottery system, so no big rush to apply.  It’s SaranacBrewery.jpga 9 hr. drive, so let’s go! 


Jan 18th Finger Lakes Beer Trail PassPort Tour was coming, but by this writing, it’s history, and it was great.  27 of us, 6 breweries.  Next year? 


BYO Mag deal was late this year, but we got 11 people, 6 were from IPA (Ithaca). 


The Westside Beer Depot, on the corner of Emma & Main St. in Binghamton is reportedly a great place to get Craft Beer, good selection and low prices. 


Marty told us about his trip to deliver malt to Saranac.  They’re making a special small batch with all NY ingredients.  He got a 1st class tour of their huge operation.  How about a 500 barrel brew pot & 1200 barrel fermenter?  Our friend, Pete Kirkgasser, Brewer and Owner of Double Barrel Brewing, in Syracuse, was the Production Manager there for years.  Good Nature’s old brew house is now Saranac’s pilot system.  BTW, his Owego tasting room should be open in a couple months.


Lagunitas opened their new Chicago Brewery and Taproom, if you’re out that way, you have to stop in.  Joan and Dave have been to their Petaluma, Calif. brewery several times.


Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 


On to the beer (Homebrews first).      

·         Chris Given – Alphabet Ale, Hops from A to Z, Amarillo, Ahtanum, and Zythos.  Great malt & hop flavors, not very bitter, Chris’ style, very nice.

·         Marty – Brewer’s Wife’s Favorite Cider, a hop infused cider, apple juice, with 2 lb. brown sugar, with lots of hops, gluten free, for Natalie.  It works!  Well done, Marty.

·         Bernie – Vanilla Porter, not a kit, but extract, with 3 vanilla beans in 2 oz. of Jim Beam, made a great roasted malt & vanilla flavor balance.  2.5 weeks old, fresh!  

·         Marty – Hefeweizen, ½ his 6 row & ½ wheat malt, 1.053 to 1.012, with Willamette hops & WLP300 yeast.  Kegged 1 day, banana, no clove yet, but should with some age.  

·         Rich – Lagunitas Sucks Clone, bittered with hop extract, used lots of late hops for intense hop flavor and aroma, with a good firm bitterness.  Rich’s typical excellent hop head delight.

·         Dave King (2) – JBA & IPA Blend, for a hopped up Judy’s Brown Ale, about ½ of each, worked reasonably well.

·         Jim & Jeff – Black IPA, 13 months old, 7.6%, still plenty bitter, clean, holding up very well.  

·         Jim & Jeff – Black IPA, recent 18 gal. batch used to grow up yeast for a bigger beer, 45 min. boiled extract, with some late dark Carafa steeping, gave a nice dark malt flavor, just right for the style.    

Now the Commercial Brews      

·         Adam – New Belgium Ranger IPA, now in North Carolina.  Very aromatic, not extremely bitter, easy drinking IPA, sessionable?  Sure.   

·         Dan – Pick Axe IPA, by Tommy Knocker, another easy drinking IPA, ymmm.

·         Marty – Saranac Legacy IPA, nice dry American IPA style, Eastern version, not too intense, but nice.    


Roger – 2011 Syrah, California juice, known to age fast for a dry red, and he bulk ages, which helps.  Of course this was a very good Syrah, after all, Roger made it.  6 of our glorious members went over and bottled 36 6 gal. batches for Roger. Just some appreciation for a founding father of Homebrewing in the Southern Tier.

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 12th,  and March, too, Rich will be heading up the meeting.  Your fearless leader will be back in April.

            Dave King