July 2014 BIER Meeting

July 9, 2014

13 distinguished attendees;

Chris Given                 Bob Ciesla                   Jason Fletcher             Roger Haggett            James Burnett

Josh Sember                Joan King                    Fil Fata                        Adam Hawley

Donna & Bernie Kordula                                Brian Murphy Dave King (2) 


July's Beer Talk

Donna and Bernie brought popcorn, thanks! 

July 11th & 12th was the NY State Fair Homebrew Contest, Our James Dunn did us proud, as often has happened lately, this time with a gold for his English Mild, and a Bronze for his Vienna Lager.  Nick Martinson was also a big winner with a gold for his Steam Beer.  Great work, guys. 

North Brewing and Feliz Wine & Tapas combined forces for a “Tap Take Over” Saturday evening, July 19th.  $50/ea. for a 5 course beer paired dinner, with all North Brewing beers.  It sold out, and reportedly went very well.  If you missed it, they will be doing it again, so stay tuned.  Thanks, Tammy & Jerome.

August 22nd will be the Flour City Brew Fest, in the Rochester Public Market, Joan and DEK(2) will be there. Hope you can make it. 

Sept. 13th will be the Madison County Hop Fest, and we’ll need some help at the booth.  I expect Rochester and Syracuse folks to help us.  We’ll get discounted beer tent tickets, and we’ll be serving our own Homebrew Noon to 2:30, before the beer tent opens.  It’s always a fun time, come and join us. 

Oct. 11th is the Sudsy Brews and Fiery Foods Fest.  We’ll have about a dozen breweries, and better food than last year.  More details later.

Nov. 8th is the Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews, Homebrew contest in Albany.  They should need Judges and Stewards.    

Dave King (2) summarized the AHA National Convention in Grand Rapids in June.  It was the homebrew event of the year.  Great beer, 2nd round Judging, Pro-Night, Club-Night, the Banquet, hanging out with Homebrew rock stars and old friends, it was all great.  We shared a Club Night booth with IPA (Ithaca club), which went very well.  Way too much going on for just 3 days.  We heard about the roll out of the club liability insurance. 

Marty told us about his Grand Opening.  The Owego Tasting Room is getting lots of traffic, and you should stop by, if you haven’t.  They serve samples, flights, pints, and growlers of his excellent beers, cider and sodas, plus there are a few guest taps.   

Tully’s in the Vestal Plaza is filling growlers, good selection, good prices.

We had a short discussion on the AHA Liability Insurance Plan, and I intended to discuss it at the August meeting, but since Joan and I will be out of town, and the end of registration became Sept. 1, your President made an executive decision, that we need to get the insurance, and that means $3.50 per member, so we will have that for our annual dues.  Sorry it was so abrupt, but the cost is really low.  See the link for details.  Please get your money to the August meeting, Rich will collect it, or PayPal to Dave King (2), or send a check.    

We got to the beers:

Roger – Blond Ale, with Fuggle hops, his first in a long time.  Good start to the tastings.  

James – English Mild, 1.038 to 1.008, a nice example of the original session beer.  The Crisp Brown Malt gave a nice flavor.

Marty – Belgian Pale Ale, made with Trappist High Gravity yeast, gave that spicy Belgian flavor.

Chris – Centennial Brown Ale, with wheat extract and Centennial hops, as we’ve had before, great crystal malt flavors, holding up nicely.                                                                                                                            

Josh – American Pale Ale, kit from Doc’s, 1.085 to 1.018, dried out very well.  Josh brought the whole keg. 

Marty – Belgian Double, with his own candy sugar made from local honey, 2 lb. in 10 gallons. Not incrementally fed the sugars, but he does for his Triple.

AdamSorachi Ace & Simcoe IPA, same as last month, 5 oz. of hops, very aromatic, well done!

Dave King (2) – Dad’s Brown Ale, dry hopped with his homegrown Fuggle hops, grassy, hops probably not really ready to pick, pushed to make the meeting.  The NHC keg was much better, with Centennial and Citra hops, even Tasty McDole agreed it was very good. 

Dan – Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat, an oatmeal cream stout, Pro Series clone kit from Northern Brewer, well crafted, smooth, and roasty.   

Dan – Skeeter Pee, a sweet version, 8 – 10% ABV, dangerous stuff.  Adam brought us one about a year ago.  Just lemon & sugar, with some yeast nutrient & yeast energizer. 


Commercial Examples;

Brian – Naked Flock, from  Apple Wood Winery, in the Hudson Valley, a Citra hopped hard cider,   

Bernie & Donna – Long Shot Pineapple IPA, mild, not very bitter, slightly sweet   http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7JSjZf-dkIQ/U1e4R-DsW9I/AAAAAAAAIfI/O3V2-ZrzF1U/s1600/Longshot+Pineapple+IPA.JPG

Bernie & Donna – Long Shot Grátzer, smoky wheat beer, with Saaz hops Samuel Adams LongShot Gratzer

Good meeting, thanks to Fil & Brothers 2.  We need more recipe’s provided, so they can be sent out with the minutes.  See you all in Sept., Rich will be holding the August meeting on August 13th.   Stay cool.