March 2014

Rich Andel
James Dunn
Tim O'Leary
Roger Haggett
Adam Hawley
Jim Parks
Chris Given
Dick Tuthill
Jason Fletcher
Nick Fletcher
Jeff Poltz

James Dunn shared his adventure brewing his award winning beer at Davidson's Brewery, Glenn Falls, ~3 hrs drive, they put on a great tour and are a true english style brewery making it very unique. They use the famous ringwood yeast open fermentors and repitch their yeast hundred of times, top cropping from one vessel to another. It sounded like quite a day, everything from shoveling grains and cleaning fermentors to brewing Jim's beer!

Adam - cider - 5 gallons of apple juice, S04 yeast and 1# brown sugar, dry hopped with 3/4oz aamarillo, 1/4 simcoe for 3 days, very drinkable

Adam - wheat stoute - 7# wheat, 4# 2 row, 1# flaked, 12oz cr 60, 12oz cr80, 12 oz choc, 8oz black, 1/2 oz magnum, 1/2 oz warrior, nice complex and flavorful.

Adam - ipa - freezer edition - prel, cascade, columbus, finished with 1oz simcoe & amarillo (kegged a week), a pleasing blend of hops.

James - Vienna Lager - young 2014 version, 1.052 og finished at 1.010, goes about 4 weeks lagering at 35 deg. Very clean and crisp.

James - Belgian Strong Ale - over 10% but you wouldn't know it, quite dry not the typical belgian yeast flavor (this is better and more drinkable), dry finish, slight pear flavor, little to no esters, abbey ale 530 whitelabs yeast fermented in low 60's, large yeast pitch from a gallon stirplate.

Tim - ice fishing lager - good lager with enough hops to make it interesting.

Chris Given - (sorry didn't have notes but I'm pretty sure we sampled your red ale containing plenty of hops, very flavorful.

We sampled a variety of robust porters from SmackinA$$ brewing (Jim/Jeff/Rich) all started from the 8% robust porter, which had black, peated and a decent amount of chocolate, S05 yeast.

The following samples we're all based on this beer and infused with flavors

Jim - robust porter, unmodified version, good clean flavor from mix of dark malts.
Jim - robust porter with oak chips taken from a whiskey filled growler for up to year, these chips we're added to a keg and soaked for a few weeks which contributed vanilla and complexity of flavors to the beer. american chips, nearly a pound were added.

Rich - chipolte porter - same beer but new flavors added from an infusion of dried chiplote pepper which added a distinct smokiness and complexity, heat was also turned up with infusing a dried thai super chili for 3 days.

Roger - red zinfandel - 2011 medium dry, slighly sweet, very tasty.