September 2014 BIER Meeting

September 10, 2014

Present were:

Bernie Kordula           Donna Kordula           Rich Andel                  Chris Hritcko             

Nick Martenson          Adam Hawley Bob Ciesla                   Dave Russell  

Dave King (2)             Jason Fletcher             James Dunn     Josh Sember

Dave King (1)             Roger Haggett            Fil Fata                        Joan King

News & Discussion:

We were getting ready for the Parlor City Fest, Thurs. Sept. 25th at the Terra Cotta.  It’ll be better than last year, about 2x the breweries, 17 this year.  

The Madison Co. Hop Festival was Saturday, Sept. 13.  We have an AHA banner and a box of "Introduction to Homebrewing" magazines from National AHA.  Now that it’s past, I can say it was a rainy cold day, but 5 of us spoke with lots of enthusiastic new and hopeful brewers, serving lots of homebrew samples, it was a fine time.  The Binghamton Brew Fest ran that same day, and reportedly, was also a good time, with lots of us pouring samples.  ‘Tis that time of year.   

Hopshire made a Harvest Ale with about 50 lb. of wet hops contributed by 20 of us home hop farmers.  I took 6.5 lb. up, and it got me a growler filled with the ale, CoHOPeration, sort of a hoppy Pale Ale, very good.  Thanks, Randy!  

Sudsy Brews & Fiery Foods was being planned for Oct. 11th at the Center for Technology and Innovation, on Water St., Binghamton.

We are planning a Beer Tour, probably Nov. 1 or 15.  Coachmasters bus would be around $35/ea., depending upon bus size and how full it is.  More talk at Nov. meeting.

Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews is scheduled in Albany at the Pump Station, Nov. 8, so let me know if you’d like to Judge or Steward, maybe we can ride up together.

Rich is doing a hop order with Ted Hausotter, for his fresh fall Oregon hops. 

We got more into brewing water, with Dave King (1) and Dave Russell volunteering to help us understand the basics.  James Dunn brought his Total Dissolved Solids Meter, it gives a measure of hardness, a good indication, but not directly useable for water correction calculations. 

Fil is giving BIER members special deals, Happy Hour prices all the time, $1 off growlers, and he’s working on a mug club.  Don’t forget, he had our membership cards printed, no cost to us.  Thanks, Fil, we really appreciate your generosity.  

The beers: 

James Dunn Cream Ale,  Big starter of WLP001 used, good, young, a little on the bitter side for style, but that makes it better, IMHO.  :-)     

Josh IPA, This is the gusher batch, and these were fine, so it’s got to be bottle contamination causing some to gush, but most not.

Nick – IPA, “SMASH,” with only Amarillo hops and Maris Otter malt. 

Dave RussellBelgian Wit, partial mash, with flaked oats, 66F ferment, well done, Dave!

Adam Little SumpinSumpin Clone, hoppy wheat ale, was fermented hot, made for bananas aroma, but went away with age.  Nice now.                                                                                           

Dave King (1) – Rye Brown Ale, good combination of brown and rye flavors, Jr. helped.  Well done, Daves! 

RogerSweet Summer Rye, from Water St. Brewing, on the light side, good drinkable rye ale.  

RogerAvenger Pale Ale, also from Water St. Brewing, good dry, bitter side of balance, English Pale Ale.    

RichSession IPA, extract with late hopping, 30 min. whirlpool & counter-flow cooler.  Made a great hop nose.     

Chris Dark Horse­­­­ F.F. Dekoorc Eert. A big IPA with Falconer’s Flight hops. 

Bernie Hop Knife, by Troeg’s, flavorful Harvest Ale  

The Wine;

JoshBlueberry Port, super blueberry flavor, sweet, 3 mo. in the bulk, then about a month in the bottle.  Great dessert!   

RogerPino Noir, 2006, typically fine dry red, from our super wine maker.       

RogerCabernet Sauvignon, 2006, another well crafted wine from Roger.

A great gathering, with plenty of great brews and wines.  See you next month, October 8th.  November will be a special meeting, because Dave Katleski, President and Co-founder of the NY State Brewers Association, and Owner of Empire Brewing in Syracuse will be speaking to us, so stay tuned for details.     

     Dave King (2)