January 2015 BIER Minutes

Jan. 14, 2015


A new year, more good brew.  We had a good turnout, 16 of us on a cold night at Brothers 2, and we enjoyed some good discussions and tastings.   


Attending were: 

Rich Andel                  Jamie Cornell              Ike Yochelson             Roger Haggett            Josh Sember                       

James Dunn                 Donna & Bernie Kordula                                Jim Burt                      Dan Homa
Dave & Joan King      David Murphy                        Chris Given                 Dick Tuthill                 Nick Martenson         


Dave Russell sent us 3 good articles on brewing water, and we discussed the basics, yet again. 








We discussed a couple upcoming events.  Registration for this year’s National Homebrew Conference in San Diego, June 11 to 13, will open in Feb., with a lottery system, so no big rush to apply, but we’re taking over the entire conference center, so there should be plenty of room for us all.  It’s THE Homebrew event of the year, so let’s go!  


The Finger Lakes Beer Trail PassPort will be valid Feb. 20 until Mar. 31, for $15, you can buy it on their web site.  No trip planned, as of yet.  Want to lead a trip?


BYO Mag deal was late this year, but we got 13 people, a few were from IPA (Ithaca). 


Binghamton On Tap, Feb. 21 at the Doubletree on Water St. in Binghamton sold out by the 3rd week of Jan.  Town Square Media is promoting it.  Some of our local breweries will be there, but some were missed.  InBEV appears to be a big player. 


David Katleski, Founder and President of Empire Brewing in Syracuse, and current President of the NY Brewers Association, was planning to attend our Jan. meeting, but had a conflict.  He may be able to attend our April meeting, and we are tentatively going to drive up and see him at Empire April 18th, a Sat. for sampling and a tour.  We should hit a couple other breweries while we’re going up.  More on this when we get closer. 


The Upstate Craft Beer Tour will be in Syracuse, June 26 & 27, and we’re invited to do a Homebrew Booth along with SCBC.


We discussed doing an “Off Flavors” tasting session.  James Dunn has since agreed to lead it.  We’ll split the cost, no details yet, but I’m sure it’ll be well worth your time and a few bucks.  Tell James you’re in!


We’re planning to do another Learn to Homebrew Day at Marty’s Owego Tasting Room in April, and you’re welcome to come and help with this next class of students.  It’s a good time,  


We had an auction of a friend’s basic brewing equipment, got him $21.50.  He still has about 7 cases of 16 oz. bottles you could buy from him.   


Has anyone bought a BIER logo mug or stein?  They’re still available, along with tee shirts, etc.  I use my mug, and the logo is well buried in the finish, so it should last a long time. 


Donna brought us some pretzel sticks, thanks!  BTW, she was the guest bar tender at Water St. Brewing Jan. 22nd, also board game night, it was a real fun time, about 7 BIER members were there.  I took some of my Red Rye IPA to pass around.  Don’t forget to take your latest and greatest brew when you go by.  John and Michele are always willing to trade for a pint of theirs.   


On to the beer (Homebrews first).      

·         Nick – Kolsch, nice mild start to our evening.

·         Josh – Blond Ale, a split batch, this one with a big White Labs East Coast Ale Yeast pitch, mild, sweet, malty, a little cloudy.

·         Josh – Blond Ale, other ½ of above, but with Calif. Ale Yeast, which threw clove like esters. 

·         James Dunn – Moose Drool, his clone of Montana’s Big Sky Brewing’s English Brown Ale. Smooth, malty, dry, very drinkable.     

·         Dave King (2) – JBA, the old Chico yeast recipe of Judy’s Brown Ale, and behold, Judy is not allergic to this one, indicates the English Ale yeast was the cause of her noted allergic reaction to the previous batch.  .

·         Bernie – Charlie Papazian’s Brown Ale, from his book, with Celestial Seasoning tea. The tea flavors blend nicely with the brown malt flavors, well done, Bernie.

·         Dan – Private Ryan Brown Ale, NB all-grain kit, see the recipe.  We need a sample of last month’s extract version, from Dave King (1), for comparison, both very good, nice dryness from the rye malt.  

·         Chris Given – Hoppy Brown Ale, complicated brew, with many steeped malts, with malt extract and an array of hops.  Yet another solid proof that great beer can be made with malt extract.  Thanks, Chris. 

·         Josh – Spiced Winter Ale, with mulling spices, added twice, at flame out and then in the secondary.  Very good spicing, for a Winter Ale.

·         Chris Given – Robust Porter, Smuttynose Porter clone, a fine porter, more flavorful than the original, below. .

·         Chris Given – Smuttynose Robust Porter, a good example of the style, but Chris’ is better.

·         Rich – Export Stout, brewed with Jim Parks and Jeff Poltz, 8.1% ABV, using oatmeal and smoked malt, a delicious stout, well done, guys. 

·         Ike – Russian Imperial Stout, Brewer’s Best kit, we tried it young in Oct., 8.1% ABV, holding up well.  

·         Nick – Jalapeno Saison, 7-8% ABV, peppers without seeds, added at flame out, good flavor, a bit much for me, but it depends on your tolerance for pepper heat.

·         Dave Russell – Rye Ale, made with both Rye malt and Rye liquid malt extract, with Hallertau and Cascade hops, fermented on US-05 yeast, for a 4.5% ABV, very tasty.  Well crafted, Dave!

·         Jim Burt – IPA, 6 hops, great C hop, grapefruit aroma and flavor.     

Now the Commercial Brews,      

·         Dave Murphy – Flower Power, a local favorite, easy drinking IPA, sessionable?  Sure.      


Roger – Red Chilean, nice dry red, one of those 240 bottles our members helped Roger bottle a year or so ago.  Well done, as always, Roger.  

Great company, great discussions, great brews.  Next month, February 11th,  and March, too, Rich will be heading up the meeting.  Your fearless leader will be back in April.

            Dave King