April 2010 BIER Minutes


14 of us, a big group. 

Dave King (1)        Ed Miner        Dave King (2)      Don Petcosky     James Dunn     Tom Kelly        Jim Parks

Brian Murphy        Rich Andel     Otto Behrens       Dick Tuthill        Jay Edwards     Chris Givens    Chris Cyr  

It's hop sprouting time, and mine are growing fast. I’ve thinned them out, and many of us are growing hops, so it'll be interesting to see how we do.

Our bulk buys of malt and hops are in.  Most of them are distributed, but there are some loose ends.  We saved a ton of money, well worth the effort.  We need to do this again, but maybe we should get “into phase” for a bigger buy, next time. 

Beer tasting time (ours 1st)

Tom – Cider, 5 gallons, with 2 cups of granulated and 2 cups of brown sugar.  It fermented out plenty far, which is a common problem.   We need to have a cider side meeting in the late summer, to get all our collective knowledge together, for those of us interested in making cider. 

Chris – Sorgum, Gluten Free Beer, obviously for his buddy, Dick, who can’t take gluten.  3 lb sorgum extract, 2 lb honey, ˝ lb rice milk solids, makes a rather strange combination, but if you can’t take malted wheat or barley, this would be OK.   

Don – Pils, about 2 mo. old, his 1st pilsner, the recipe from John Palmer’s “How to Brew,” page 228.  Nicely done, very flavorful, but easy going as a good pilsner should be.

Ed – Wheat Beer, Xmas gift kit, an easy going session beer.  Thanks to thoughtful daughters. 

Rich – IPA, with a London ale yeast, bottled with Cooper “Carbination Drops.”  Definitely a British IPA, compare to the following, it was a split batch.

Rich – IPA, with a Pacific Ale yeast, a Green Flash clone, much more bitter and hop flavored than the above British version.  Well done, Rich.

Ed – Holiday Beer, 7.5% ABV, a nice winter warmer, not for hop heads. 

 Jay – Amber Ale, a nice father-son project.  Alex enjoyed the journey, and we all enjoyed the destination.  

Tom – Pale Ale, an East Coast interpretation.  Nice mild, caramel flavor, light on hops.   

Dave King (2) – Friend’s Brown Ale, lots of “brown” flavor, a bit sweet, light on the hops. 

Dave King (2) – Friend’s Brown Ale & IPA Blend, 3:1 ratio, dry hopped, good nose, reasonable malt sweetness to bitter balance, picked up a tannin flavor, like tea.

Chris – Smoked Porter, subtle smoke, not overdone, might even need a bit more, but well done.

James Dunn – Vienna Lager, with Pilsner malt, should have been earlier in the line-up, nice malt flavor, but our tasters are shot.

Jim Parks – Cherry Smoked Porter, nice blend, but could use more cherry, as those little extracts are mild, and easily overpowered by a Porter.

James Dunn – Belgian Strong Ale, 1.080 to 1.008, ‘gotta love those Belgian yeast, they are hard working.  Nice malt profile, no spices, thanks James.

Commercial Examples

Otto – Noble Pils, from Sam Adams, a very nice hoppy, bitter Pils.  Reminiscent of the Pils from the old central West Germany.

Rich – Red's Rye P.A., from Founders, nice caramel malt flavor, with a good hop nose (Amarillo dry hop).

Brian – River Horse Hop Hazard Pale Ale, good caramel malt flavor with good hop balance, from New Jersey.

Don – Amish 4 Grain, from Lancaster Brewing, a nice malty session ale, not big on hops, but a tasty brew.

 Otto – Hook and Ladder, Downdraft Brown, from Silver Spring, MD.  Nice Brown, 120L & Cascades, not intense, a good session brown ale. 

Dave King (1) – Southern Tier IPA, a great example of an American IPA, not a wimpy ”East Coast” version, but the real thing.  Yours truly was on the judging staff to officially proclaim this the best IPA in NY State in 2007.  They continue to make the mark.  OK, I’m off my soap box. 

Dave King (1) – Misery Bay IPA, Erie Brewing Co.’s version of an American classic.  Well done, so if you visit Erie, make a stop on Veshecco Drive. 

Dave King (1) – xxx  Irish Stout, a good finish to a great night. 

The weather is getting warm, maybe too warm to brew much longer (indoors), so get busy. Until next time, keep brewing, and bring us a sample.

                  Dave King