April 2011 BIER Minutes


11 of us, a good sized group. 

Roger Haggett       Ed Miner        Dave King (2)      Don Petcosky        James Dunn     Jim Parks

Brian Murphy        Rich Andel      Chris Cyr            Dave Semo             Jeff Poltz

We discussed recent contests and upcoming festivals.  Roger and I judged at the AHA National, NE division 1st round in Saratoga Springs.   There were so few judges that anyone who could judge, did.  There were no Stewards, we just did our own serving and paper work.  There were about 750 entries, and we got about 2/3 done Friday night, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday.  The rest are to be done 4/16. 

James Dunn and I entered the Amber Waves Of Grain, in Buffalo.   James got a Bronze in Historical & Experimental Beers!  Your President got a couple “Very Good” scores, but no metals, oh well, lots of great homebrew out there.  Timothy Collins took an amazing number of metals.

Festival planning needs to get under way soon.  The AHA National Conference is in June, and may not be sold out yet, but it’s close.  There’ll be a Syracuse fest in July, along with Omegang’s Belgian Fest.  Rochester, Ithaca and Madison Co. will probably be in Sept.  Your Pres. will be on a West Coast trip, stopping at GABF (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1st), but I’m sure there’ll be good local support for these NY State events. 

It's hop sprouting time, and mine are starting to come up. I’ve thinned them out some, many of us are growing hops, so it'll be interesting to see how we do.

It should soon be time to talk about a bulk buy of malt.  For hops, I’d prefer to wait until harvest time. 

Jim told us about an oxygen accumulator he obtained, great way to produce O2 for your wort. 

We discussed the recent acquisition of Goose Island by InBev.  This is very controversial.  Time will tell if it’ll hurt Goose Island or craft brewing. 

Jim’s 55 gallon keg is ready for our Porter.  We need to get our timing sorted out.  This will be for extended aging, therefore, bottling afterward (when the oak flavor is “right”) will require either forced carbonation or re-pitching yeast, no problem.   Jeff says the basement where the barrel is stored, has been 55F, and it’s been warming slowly, which has it at about 57F now.  It’ll raise to about 65F in mid-summer, fine for our barrel aging. 

Beer Tasting Time (ours 1st) 

Brian – Cider, well dried out, with a bunch of different yeast pitches.   

Dave SemoPilsner, 1st all-grain lager, with Spalt & Saaz hops, light in color, great malt & noble hop flavors.  

James – Maibock, a hefty lager, I.G. = 1.080, sneaky, well done.

Don – Pale Ale, a light colored interpretation, with Cascades, Columbus, and Willamette hops.

Rich – House IPA, basically a Smutty Nose clone, ½ lb. of 60L, 1 oz. of Simcoe added every 5 min. for the last 30 min., a hop lovers dream.

Jim – Cheap Ass Black IPA, made with the 2nd runnings from his Sweet Chocolate Stout (next here), with added sugar and DME, 6.3%.   

Jim – Sweet Chocolate Stout, ¾ lb. of coco powder for 16 gallons.   

Dave King (2) – Chocolate Imperial Stout, ½ lb. of coco powder for 6 gallons.  

Dave SemoSchwartz BIER, S-23 dry yeast, fruity nose, fermented in the medium 50’s.

Commercial Examples

Rich – Terrapin Rye P.A., nice dry Pale Ale, with that peppery rye flavor.  

Jim – 90 Min. IPA, from Dogfish Head, Sam’s 1st continuously hopped beer, also uses a special dry hop machine, “Me So Hoppy,” like Ken Grossman’s Torpedo.

Ed – Victory Hop Devil, from his buddy, Scott Dietrich at Victory in Downingtown.  This is one of the older American IPA’s, one of my 1st favorites.  Scott is featured in this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYVR3S2yQ4I&feature=player_embedded  We’ll be on the look out for Yakima Glory this fall, it’s a Black IPA, sort of a dark Hop Wallop.  Apparently, this winter seasonal was around, at least last year, and we missed it.   Check this video for details.  http://victorybeer.com/beers/yakima-glory/

Ed – Trois Pistoles, brewed by Unibroue, in Canada; "Three Pistols", is a Strong Belgian Ale, for those so inclined.  9%, herbal, & sweet.

Jim – Altwater Block Sticky, German Alt Bier, heavy a little sweet, yet dry in the finish. 


Roger – Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009.  Roger continues to amaze with his home made wine.  This full bodied, rich flavored dry red is a fine example.   

The weather is getting warm, maybe too warm to brew much longer (indoors), so get busy. Until next time, keep brewing, and bring us a sample.

                  Dave King (2)