February 2010 BIER Minutes

Attendees at our 2/10/10 meeting:

·         Dave King (1)        Tom Kelly              Chris Given

·         Dave King (2)        Brian Murphy 

·         Corrine & Tim O’Leary

The weather was a bit dicey, not uncommon for February, but our turnout was thin.  The talk and the beer were just great, though.   

I was again sent a “deal” for subscriptions to “Brew Your Own” magazine, $28/yr (8 issues).  The club gets $14 back for each subscription, so we'd refund ˝ your purchase price, which means it would only cost you $14/yr, but the problem is, we have to have a minimum of 10 people.  It's not really that bad. I'd be interested, if we could get 9 more to go for it.

It's time to think about registering and getting reservations for the 2009 AHA National Convention, which your President encourages you to go to.  It’s the best event of the year for us, June 17 to 19 in Minneapolis.  Great speakers, the hospitality suite, Pro Night, and Club Night are worth the investment.  James Spencer of Basic Brewing, and Justin Crossley of The Brewing Network, Denny Conn, and Ray Daniels are a few of the speakers.  Dave King (2) is registered and has reservations, and is planning to Steward at the National Contest Final Round. Don’t wait too long, or you could end up a good ways out.  The last several conferences sold out, and they’ve restricted the types of registrations, because of that possibility.  It’s $230 for AHA Members, before the end of March, well worth it.         

Rochester’s annual contest is scheduled for March the 27th .  If you want to enter beers, the deadline is the 13th.

We need to order BIER club tee shirts for our summer adventures, so BIER can make a big presence.

Now for the sampling; (ours 1st)

1.      Tim      Fin Du Extract, (the end, his last extract?), a nice Pilsner with the banana esters happily coming through.  Very good beginning to our night.

2.      Brian    Dunkel, got warm while fermenting, so does that make it a California Common?  It came out nice, no problem.

3.      Brian    Semo IPA, bottle not marked, so we had to guess.  Too bad Dave couldn’t make it, to enjoy his fine IPA, and experience our glee.

4.      Tom     Oktoberfest, more like a nice Brown Ale, on the English side, very tasty.

5.      Chris    Pale Ale, nice bitter finish

6.      Dave King (2)  IPA, big hop nose, due to the 3 day dry hopping in the 2 liter bottle, not very bitter, but low crystal malt content, per Pete Kirkgasser recommendation, to get closer to true BJCP guidelines for an American IPA.

7.      Dave King (1)  New Old Ale, (~8 mo. old now), nice mellow malty English ale.

8.      Chris    Oatmeal Milk Stout, nice sweetness level, no roasted malt bitterness, very well done.

9.      Tom     English Bitter, with US-04 yeast, nice session ale. 

Commercial Examples for comparison

10.  Dave King (1)   Noble Pils, from Sam Adams.  This Bohemian Pilsner is true to style, with a wonderful hop character, in bitterness and flavor.

11.  Dave King (1)   Black Lager, from Sam Adams.  Probably a  good example of Schwartzbier, but the lack of flavors is not exciting.

12.  Dave King (1)   Blithering Idiot, from Weyerbacher, a British Barley Wine, and at 11.1%, it would be easy to become one.

A healthy tip for Lou and his staff, and we're gone for another month.  The March meeting is 3/10.  The cool season is almost over, so get busy brewing, and we’ll see you then. 

Time to start thinking about the coming Beer Fest season.

        Dave, your hop head, King