February 2011 BIER Minutes

Attendees at our 2/9/11 meeting:

         Don Petoskey        Roger Haggett        †††††† James Dunn ††† Chris Given

         Dave King (2)        Jim Parks ††††††††††††††††††††† Paul Sarkisian ††††††††††††

         Dick Tuthill            Rich Andel ††††††††††††††††† Brian Murphy

We found out about Donís new brewing system, a pumped, welded SS rack system with big Blichmann pots, quick disconnects, etc., wow.

Roger offered to help us with our AHA National entries, with pre-judging at the AOH, before the Saratoga Springs, NE region 1st round contest.Roger and Dave King (2) are going up to help with the judging, April 1st.††

It's time to think about registering and getting reservations for the 2011 AHA National Convention, which your President encourages you to go to.  Itís the best event of the year for us, June 16 to 18 in Oakland.  Dave King (2) is registered, has reservations, and is planning to Steward at the National Contest Final Round. Donít wait too long, or you could end up a good ways out.  The last several conferences sold out, and theyíve restricted the types of registrations, because of that possibility.  Itís $230 for AHA Members, before the end of March, well worth it.         

We need to order club tee shirts for our summer adventures, so BIER can make a big presence.

Now for the sampling; (ours 1st)

1.      Jim Parks Cheap Ass Beer, 2nd runnings from the 1st try on the new system, added 1.3 lb LDME & 3 lb. sugar, with Simco & Cascades hops.Itís a good Pale Ale, no problem.

2.      Jim Parks American Pale Ale, 1st runnings from the 1st try on the new system, but no flocculent.Itís a good Pale Ale, maybe a little cloudy, but fine.

3.      Chris Given, American Brown Ale, kit with added hops& smoked malt.Great mods.

4.      Chris Given, Bourbon Barrel Porter, 14 months old now, bourbon flavor mostly gone.

5.      Dave King (2), Dadís Brown Ale, an oops, over-hopped Judyís Brown Ale.Itís sort of a cross between an IPA and an Amer. Brown.

6.      Rich, Celebration Ale Clone, a great hoppy IPA.

Commercial Examples for comparison

1.      Brian, Genesee Bock, no hops, but not much malt for a bock.

2.      Paul, Harpoon Celtic, Irish Red Ale, not intensely flavored, but good.

3.      Paul, Saranac Irish Red Ale, similar to the Harpoon version.Some malt character, but light on hops, as the style should be.

4.      Dick, Cooperís Sparkling Ale, light session ale.

5.      Jim, Innis & Gunn Scottish Ale, an oak aged Scottish ale, good application for our barrel?

6.      Rich, Southern Tier 2XIPA, not Unearthly, but a really bitter 8.2%.Pliny of the East, with 4 hops, 3 malts?Midway in HOOCH between their IPA and Unearthly, good idea.

7.      Don, Hecht Smokey Bacon Beer, interesting Rauchbier.Canít find a reference for it on the web.

8.      Don, Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier, another one, from Bamburg, Germany.Loosely interpreted name is ďOriginal Staggered Walk Smoke Beer.Ē

Roger, 2006 Chianti, 2 years bulk aged, great wine, well done, Roger.I need lessons.

A healthy tip for Lou and his staff, and we're gone for another month.   

Time to start thinking about the coming Beer Fest season.

        Dave, your hop head, King