March 2010 BIER Minutes

March 10, 2010

Present at the March 2010 meeting were:

Dave King (1)     Chris Given      Don Bush      Dick Tuthill      James Dunn     Rich Andel     Tom Kelly

Dave King (2)     Brian Murphy   Jay Edwards  Alex Edwards   Tim & Corrine O’Leary          Jim Parkes

We’ve had a stream of new members lately, and tonight, Jay brought his son, Alex.  Jay has been brewing only a few months, and now his son is following the homebrewing hobby.  They made a brew together, and we were fortunate to try it tonight.  Chris Given and Don Bush go way back, to Lee Knox's “Great Lakes Brew Supply,” on Washington Ave, in Endicott. Your Pres. started brewing in Nov. of 1994.   It’s great to be part of this ball, rolling along, helping each other to make great beer.

We discussed our bulk malt and hops buys.  We stand to save a lot of money.  Tim is heading up the malt order with North Country Malt Supply, and your fearless leader is putting together the hop order, probably with Hops Direct. 

The “Brew Your Own” magazine deal is a good one, but apparently there's not enough interest in it.  We have to come up with 10 subscriptions, and there’s only a couple people interested.  Maybe next year. 

We don't have a formal calendar, but the AHA National is coming up in June, State College, PA's Brew Fest is usually in July, Ithaca's Brew Fest and Rochester’s Flour City Brew Festival should be in August, and the Madison Co. Hop Festival will be in Sept. We should make a great showing at most of them, with help from our National AHA office.

If you subscribe to Netflix, you might be aware that they have “Beer Wars,” the movie. It's about the battle between the Micro-breweries and the big guys. We saw it at Tim & Corrine’s place last summer, but it was worth a re-watch. 

Chris told us about his visit to the Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland.  Check out their web site, it looks as good as the taste of their brew.

Oh well, on to the brew, ours 1st.

James Dunn – Vienna Lager – nice subtle Vienna malt, mild lager flavor.

Tom – English Bitter – Brewed in August, with Safale S-04.  Tom was concerned about an off flavor, but a slight astringency was all we could come up with.  If present, it was really slight. 

Brian – Munich Dunkel, got warm while fermenting, so does that make it a California Common?  It came out nice, no problem.

Tim – Amber Ale – This is his 1st all-grain.  Very well done, Tim, your Pres. wants the recipe.  

Jay & Alex – Amber Ale – Speaking of 1st, this is Alex’s 1st homebrew.  Nice, clean, east coast amber.

James Dunn – Northern English Brown Ale – Good example of a “Nut Brown.”

Chris – ESB Northern Brewer kit, came out well.  Nice crystal malt and hops balance.  

Rich – IPA – Different West Coast hops, great nose & firm bitterness.

Chris – Bedroom Bourbon Barrel Porter – 14 oz. of bourbon and dark oak chips for a week, nice balance.  The bedroom was the right temperature for the fermentation. 

Now, for the commercial versions.

Dave King (1)  Radeberger Pilsner  – Another attempt to find a good German Pilsner, from Sam The Beer Man.  Not bad for the long trip it took.   

Tom – Duchesse De BourgogneA good example of a sour beer.  The best some of us have had. 

Chris – Longshot Cranberry WitProbably one of the best fruit wheat beers we’ve had.  Thanks Chris.

Don – Fiddler’s Elbowby Wychwood, the makers of Hobgoblin.  Cute.

?  – Dundee IPA – A decent East coast IPA, especially considering it came from Genesee.

Rich – Alexander Keith’s IPA – Jay, the non-hop-head liked it.  Your Pres. thought it was “Canadian.”  That should tell you, it was a wimpy IPA, as expected for a Canadian version of anything. 

Dave King (1) – Victory Hop WallopScott’s hop head pride.  Always a hit, released in the fall.  Thanks Sam The Beer Man.  We need to have a road trip to Downingtown.  I’m sure Scott Dietrich would be glad to give us a great tour, right Ed?    

Dave King (1) – Victory Old HorizontalScott’s heavy, real Barley Wine, for sure.  But, not overbearing & sweet. 

Dave King (1) – Old FoghornNow this is a classic, Anchor’s Barley Wine, complex, balanced. 

We had a big group, 14 is plenty big.  See you next month, April 14.  Warren, when are you going to get up here for a meeting? 

              Dave, your resident Hop Head