May 2010 BIER Minutes

5/12/2010 we had a huge group, lots of talk and great beer.  Read on. 

Brian Murphy       Ed Miner          James Dunn     Rich Andel     Chris Given    Dave & MJ    Dan Viviano

Tim & Corrine O’Leary      Don Petcosky      Dick Tuthill      Chris Cyr        Jim Parks       Jeff Poltz    Dave King (2)

Corrine told us about the May 22nd Tipperilli Hill Brew Fest and charity.  Brian built a keg cleaner with a sump pump, and we need to see photos of it.  Jim Parks went to Halo Berlin, and brought us the beer list to examine.  He also offered to make us copies of BYO articles and recipes.  Don is interested in building a Brutus brew stand, but needs a good welder.  Jim Parks later sent us the plans, which were forwarded.  On to the beer!

Homebrew Tastings;

James Dunn – Northern German Pils, after 10 years of refinement, should be entered in a contest.

Don – German Wheat, with a Kölsch yeast.  Good clean session beer.

Ed – Pumpkin Ale, for his ladies, like an English Bitter.

Jim Parks – 80 Shilling Scottish Ale, nice bitter finish, a bit much for a Scottish Ale?  But what an improvement to the style.  Maybe add oak next?

Ed – Irish Ale, kit, usually made about 2-3 times/year.

Tim – I Got Hosed SNPA Clone, got a plastic, rubbery flavor from a leaking cooler hose.

Chris Given – Porter, good, we had this one before, but it was supposed to be an NDKIPA, oops.

Dave King (2) – JBA, “Judy’s Brown Ale,” nice Cascades nose, a West Coast American Brown Ale.

Rich – IPA, hop burst, which means all the hops were added 15 to 20 min. before the end of the boil, so great big hop flavor and aroma, 62°F ferment. 

Chris Given – NDKIPA, “Not Dave King IPA,” nice flavor, not very bitter.  

Chris Cyr – Guinness Clone, good light, thin stout. 

Chris Cyr – Chili Beer, wow, really hot, due to one little Habanaro in the bottle.

Homebrew Tastings;

Dave & MJ – Juliet Weyerbacher Double Alt, strong & sweet, 8.5% ABV.

Chris Cyr –James Boags Pale Lager, Australian, nice mild lager.

Brian – Ithaca Ground Break American Saison, seasonal Ithaca brew, an Americanized, hoppy, Saison

Brian – Ithaca Cold Front Belgian Amber, another seasonal Ithaca brew, Belgian amber. 

Dick – Green’s Belgian Amber, a gluten free amber ale.  It's got buckwheat along with the sorghum and millet.  There are 2 other beers.   

Tim & Corrine – Angel City Ale, an amber ale, sweet, not remarkable, grabbed on their CA recent trip. 

Dave & MJ – Ranger IPA, from New Belgium, not extremely bitter for a West coast IPA, smooth, nice flavor balance.    

Tim & Corrine – WTF, Wilco, Tango, Foxtrot, jobless recovery ale, an Imperial Brown Ale from Lagunitas.  Sweet, 7.8%, 65 IBU is not enough for such a big beer.

Jeff – Hop Warrior Imperial IPA, from Roosterfish, as is often the case, it’s heavy, sweet, needs more bitterness and dried out better in the fermentation.  120 IBU, no way. 

Jeff – Middle Ages X, another super sweet Imperial IPA.  This was their 10th anniversary ale, from 2005.  Wailing Wench is much better. 

Tim & Corrine – Shipwrecked 2x IPA, from Mission Brewery, San Diego.    9.2%,  as above.  Double IPA’s are hard to make well.  

Rich – Bigfoot, 11 yr old, 1999, from Sierra Nevada.  Heavy, hops are mostly gone.  Probably a great treat, but you have to appreciate Barley Wines.  This is the classic example of an American Barley Wine.  Watch the video on their web site, we saw it at Ken’s AHA Convention keynote speech in Oakland, last year.

Great beer, lots of members.  Thanks to Lou for allowing us to meet at the Sports Page.  

Don’t forget, if anyone wants to write a review of a pub, a brewery, trip, etc, please do so, and send a copy to Tim and Me.  We’ll get it on the web, you’ll be famous.  See you in July.     

              Dave King (2)