November 2009 BIER Meeting

Nov. 10, 2009 


Brian Murphy      Fred Schwartz     Otto Behrens      Chris Givens      James Dunn  

Don Petcosky      Ed Miner             Dave King (2)    Rick Andel         Tim & Corrine O'Leary

Chris Cyr             Jim Parks            Wes Davy            Dick Tuthill        Dave Semo     Roger Haggett 


Otto is back from Germany, where he visited many breweries, and enjoyed many fine fresh German beers.   

Wes Davy is going to Denver, so he’s selling off much of his brewing equipment.  We’re sorry to lose him from the Broome County home brew scene.  Wes was a big contributor to the Broome County Fermenters. 

Tim’s barley looks good, maybe there’ll be a big enough crop to malt next year. 

 The Homebrewed Beers; (Served by Ed Miner, our Cellar Master)

Don Petcosky – Raspberry Wheat, 1 lb frozen raspberries in the primary, after 4 days, really worked, great berry flavor.

Tim – Pale Ale, no garden hose this time, with home grown Chinook hops, nicely done. 

Chris Givens – Partial Mash Porter, with wheat malt, and only 2 lb. 2 row barley, sure came out well.

Ed MinerAnchor Steam Ale Clone, a Christmas present kit, made a very nice beer.

RichAnchor Steam Ale Clone, from Jamil & John’s book, more bitter than Ed’s kit.

OttoAlt, very well made German ale, with distilled H2O and salts added, 50 IBU, O.G. = 1.053, I.G. = 1.011.  

Ed – Blue Devil Ale, no boil kit, just heated to 150 - 180º F, cloudy, dry hopped, 7.5% ABV.  

Dave Semo – Red (Hoppy) Ale, tastes as good as it is pretty.

Dave King (2)Dad’s Brown Ale, same as last month’s JBA, but intensely dry hopped, no longer Judy’s. 

Otto – Bonnie’s Wicked Ale, with Brewer’s Gold hops, maltier than Dave King (2)’s brown.

Chris Cyr – Rye PA, with 1.5 lb of rye malt

Brian – Rye PA, another nice version

The Commercial Beers;

Wes Cranberry Ale, from Harpoon

Wes Full Sail Pale Ale, nice but typically mild, as craft pale ales often are.

Wes Fluer Belgian Pale Ale, by Goose Island, with hibiscus flowers

Brian – Black IPA, from 21st Amendment

Brian – Centennial IPA, from Flounder in Michigan. 

Wes – Peter Straub’s Special Dark, not very dark, actually an amber lager.

Wines!  Now that’s different.

Roger – Sauvignon Blanc, nice dry white

Roger – Meritage, a blend of lots of wines, great mix.

Fun night, many great brews.  Next month is our Xmas dinner, Dec 8th.  6:30 should be a good time to start.  If you haven’t attended one of these, it’s not too fancy.  All we do is eat Sports Page bar food, but it’s still a great time and a once per year tradition.  See you then,

     Dave King (2)