October 2010 BIER Meeting



            Paul Sarkisian        Don Petcosky      Rich Andel               James Dunn     Chris Cyr      Roger Haggett   

            Ed Miner                 Jim Parks             Dave King (2)       Dave Semo       Don Bush     Jeff Poltz    




We discussed our recent Madison County Hop Festival tent.  It was great, a combined effort from several Central New York AHA clubs.  We talked to many brewers and will be brewers, great fun.  Our homebrew samples were handed out about an hour before the Pros started their fest in the big tent.  AHA’s banner, beginner “How to Brew” special Zymurgy magazine and raffle prizes went a long way to making the event.  Chris and another guy from 11 Lakes Hop Farm joined us, with a cooler full of their homebrew.       


We can get a BIER banner for around $30, but we need to see about the details. 


We owe Tim for our web site cost, but oops, he wasn’t at the meeting, later……


The Bourbon Barrel? – Jim Parks added 2 gallons of Rye whiskey and keeps it rotating, 4.5 liters of Canadian Blend were recently added.  We need to figure out what we’re doing with it.  Porter?


Ed told us about his trip to Seattle.  This birthplace of Craft Beer is a must see (& taste!).


Bags of Grain? – Paul went to Midwest.  Don Petcosky & Tim discussed an order to North Country, so tell them if you could use some.


The Beers;  Ours, that is! 


Rich – Smutty Nose Big A IPA, Clone, wow, 120 IBU


Rich – Smutty Nose Big A IPA, the real thing.   Good, but not as fresh as Rich’s version.


James Dunn – Belgian Blond, good version, very little spice, as some of us would prefer. 


Don Bush – Pale Ale, a light bright version, very well done, welcome back, Don.


Ed MinerHoney Brown, with some added dark malts, very nice version, not so sweet, much more drinkable than the original.      


Dave Semo – Red Ale, hoppy, red, nice bitter finish, great interpretation, Dave. 


Dave King (2) – Judy’s Brown Ale, JBA, smooth, grassy, not extremely bitter.  Not the dark, malty brew we’re used to.


Don – ESB, from Palmer’s How To Brew, with London Ale yeast, a low gravity mild version.  Roger suggests it was a fine Special Bitter, not an ESB. 


Paul Sarkisian – Belgian Porter, great “Porter” dark malt flavor, made with dehusked Carafa,  , with a firm bitter finish. 


Roger – 2008 Syrah Wine, a fine example of Roger’s craft as a wine maker.  His N2 system with kegs, is a great way to keep many wines on hand.

Fun night.  We need a secretary, to record and make these more flowery, interested in the job?  I'll double the current salary! 

     Dave King