September 2010 BIER Meeting

Present were:

Paul Sarkisian    Paul Waters         Rich Andel        Chris Given     James Dunn  

Chris Cyr            Dave King (2)      Tim O’Leary      Tom Rome      Dick Tuthill     Bob Strebel

News & Discussion:

We forgot to congratulate Paul on his birthday.  The Ithaca Brew Fest went very well.  BIER was well represented, with Chris Given, James Dunn, Joan, and me pouring.  Jeff Tonole and his IPA buddies did a fine job in the Homebrew tent, telling and showing folks how easy homebrewing can be, and he even brewed up a batch on the spot, with a lot of Jeff’s home grown hops.  Adam and Jeananne came down from UNYHA (Rochester) and worked in Registration, and then helped in the Homebrew tent.   

The Madison Co. Hop Festival was great.  We got some big help from National AHA, as well as the Rochester club.  We spoke to many homebrewers, of all levels, wanta-be to well seasoned.  Our brew was well received, and we helped many along with advice on how to proceed along the path to great homebrew.  The raffle went very well, with AHA getting much credit.  Maybe you can join us next year.  Tim, put a link to your photos here. 

Bob Strebel is a new member, with some connection to Bluegrass Brewing?  If someone can get me the story, preferably from Bob, I’ll put it in here. 

Black Heart Brewing is now in operation, and we need to make a good solid connection with them.  They are basically homebrewing.

We found out how opinionated we are about our sanitizers.  Star-San, Saniclean, Iodophor, or chlorine, all can be used, rinse or not.

Mash schemes were also compared, with manifolds being compared to braid, for sweet wort collection. 

The beers:

Chris – Amber Ale, from a Flat Tire kit, with steeping grain, Victory, Biscuit, and Crystal malts, well done, very tasty.   

Chris – Brown Ale, with only a ¼ lb of Rye, but a noticeable peppery note in the flavor.  Another good job, Chris.

Tom – Pale Ale, big hop flavor, light malt character, but well done.

Paul Sarkisian – Altbier, ala Dusseldorf, 44 IBU, 5.5%, with Wyeast 1007 yeast.  Nice malty brew, good example of the style.    

Tim – Pale Ale, with 60L crystal, US-05 yeast, and lots of home grown hops.  Tim’s Brewer’s Gold & Cascades and Dave Clark’s Centennial, plus some store bought Chinook.  Very hoppy.  BTW, the home grown barley is growing nicely.  (photos here, Tim?)

Chris Cyr – Oktoberfest from Magic Hat, nice malty seasonal

James Dunn – Northern Brown Ale, nice brown malty example, with low sweetness, well done.

Rich – Tasty’s Celebration recipe, a fine IPA, yet to be dry hopped, which should dial it right in.  The 80 IBU firm bitterness is balanced with 60L and 120L crystal.   

Dave King (2) – Chocolate Imperial Stout, the coco powder effect has been greatly reduced by aging (8 months). 

Paul – Troegenator Double Bock – great malt bomb, 8.2% German delight, a big and bold lager. 

Good sized group, lots of fine brew.  See you next month, our October Fest.       

     Dave King (2)